accessibility – iOS Screenreader ( Voiceover ) focus eliminated aspect in dom

I’m making an attempt to make my app accessibility. In my case I want generally to take away some buttons from the dom.

For instance:

<div id="content material">
<button id="button1" tabIndex="1" ... />
<button id="button2" tabIndex="2" ... /></div>

I now need to take away the button2 and do one thing like :

doc.getElement('content material').removeChild( <aspect button2> )

This works effectively, however the screenreader ( Voiceover ) on ios will proceed focusing this aspect . Asso if it doesn’t exist anymore. It all the time reads the content material from button2 however I can not change to the opposite buttons. I have to faucet on the display screen to give attention to one other aspect.

Is there a solution to retrigger the Screenreader? or to replace the div space from ios Screenreader?