APIC/EPIC! Intel chips leak secrets and techniques even the kernel shouldn’t see… – Bare Safety

Right here’s this week’s BWAIN, our jocular time period for a Bug With An Spectacular Identify.

BWAIN is an accolade that we hand out when a brand new cybersecurity flaw not solely seems to be attention-grabbing and essential, but additionally turns up with its personal emblem, area identify and web site.

This one is dubbed ÆPIC Leak, a pun on the phrases APIC and EPIC.

The previous is brief for Superior Programmable Interrupt Controller, and the latter is just the phrase “epic”, as in large, large, excessive, mega, humongous.

The letter Æ hasn’t been utilized in written English since Saxon occasions. Its identify is æsc, pronounced ash (as within the tree), and it just about represents the sound of the A in within the fashionable phrase ASH. However we assume you’re alleged to pronounce the phrase ÆPIC right here both as “APIC-slash-EPIC”, or as “ah!-eh?-PIC”.