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Bajaj Finserv visited our campus on third august 2022 through which virtually 2000+ have been shortlisted for the first spherical. There have been 4 rounds.

1st Spherical ( API ): On this spherical we now have given a job associated to API and we full the duty inside 2 hours. After this 995 college students have been shortlisted for spherical 2. Spherical 2 is on the identical day after 4 – 5 hours. I’ve chosen the Microservices (Java) area. For spherical 2 everybody will get questions associated to their area.

2nd Spherical ( Coding + Tech ): I’ve 12 MCQs and a couple of coding questions. 4 MCQs have been through which we now have to search out the output of the java code and 4 query have been associated to aptitude and 4 questions have been of java. Coding query was straightforward to reasonable. I used to be capable of clear up one query and get shortlisted for the subsequent spherical which is technical interview.

third Spherical ( Technical Interview): On this spherical, virtually 350 college students get shortlisted. The interview began with my introduction after which she requested me through which technical language i’m snug with. I replied java after which she began asking me questions associated to java like : What’s multithreading , Options of java 8 ( as they’re engaged on java 8 ) , Distinctive dealing with , OOPS, and so forth. Then she requested me what’s impasse and the way can we stop it, and so forth. After this she requested me questions associated to information Buildings and algorithm through which she requested what’s sorting and identify a few of sorting algorithms and clarify any considered one of them subsequent query what number of sorts of linked listing are there and identify them and what’s round doubly linked listing, and so forth.

Then she requested one coding query to resolve and that’s :

After this spherical I’ve been eradicated. However I talked to my buddies and 4th spherical was the HR spherical and it was a telephonic spherical and requested easy HR-based questions.

Tip : Questions which have been requested in interview course of is said to your area so deeply examine about that.

All one of the best and Joyful coding.