swift – iOS corebluetooth by no means reconnects

I can join my bluetooth gadget and work together with none drawback, however after I strive reconnect the issue happens: iOS won’t ever reconnect. After I go removed from the gadget, iOS is disconnected firing didDisconnect. I run centralManager.join to reconnect with out success. No peripheral occasion are fired. Curiously, I’ve the identical drawback after … Read more

Do i must "didReceiveRegistrationToken"?

I need to ship notifications, however solely to authenticated customers. This implies, if my token updates (potential causes: app is restored on a brand new system, person uninstalls/reinstall the app or person clears app knowledge) my person may also not be authenticated. Thus, every time my person tries to login i replace the token, which … Read more

The operate ‘IOSInitializationSettings()’ isnt outlined

Error is in IOSInitializationSettings shouldn’t be outline getting error in macOS import ‘bundle:flutter_local_notifications/flutter_local_notifications.dart’; FlutterLocalNotificationsPlugin notificationsPlugin = FlutterLocalNotificationsPlugin(); Future<void> initNotifications() async { print(‘initNotifications() referred to as’); var initSettingsAndroid = AndroidInitializationSettings(‘app_icon’); var initSettingsIOS = IOSInitializationSettings(); var initSettings = InitializationSettings(android: initSettingsAndroid, iOS: initSettingsIOS); notificationsPlugin.initialize(initSettings); } Future<void> showNotification(int notificationId, int messageCount) async { print(‘Displaying notification $notificationId…’); var androidSpecifics = … Read more

swift – iOS – Initialise WebEngage SDK Conditionally with totally different Accounts Ids

I’m in want of Initialising WebEngage SDK primarily based on some circumstances. if situation { //initialise with `X` Account ID } else { //initialise with `Y` Account ID } However as per WebEnage-Documentation there is no such thing as a methodology for initialising SDK with accountId. we simply name beneath code in our AppDelegate’s didFinishLaunchingWithOptions … Read more

ios – Authentication not working after wrapping IPA

ios – Authentication not working after wrapping IPA – Stack Overflow Requested as we speak Considered 6 instances Beneath error log, I get from the diagnoses. IntuneMAM: MAM611 Config file not discovered: Config.plist IntuneMAM: MAM611 Is first launch IntuneMAM: MAM611 Config file not discovered: NBUConfig.plist IntuneMAM: MAM611 First launch resetting state or id IntuneMAM: MAM611 … Read more

swiftui – iOS Widget a number of deeplinking path utilizing widgetURL

I’ve a .systemMedium widget. There are 2 vstack to navigate to completely different view within the app (view deep linking) The issue is after I press the primary vstack, it stored on redirecting to the Button2Path as an alternative of Button1Path: var physique: some View { HStack(alignment: VerticalAlignment.prime) { Spacer() VStack { Button { print(“button … Read more

ios – WidgetKit: Methods to onBackgroundURLSessionEvents() to maintain a Widget updated?

In Apple’s docs they are saying “After invoking onBackgroundURLSessionEvents(), the system calls the urlSession(_:downloadTask:didFinishDownloadingTo:) methodology of the URLSessionDelegate you provided to the URLSession. When all occasions have been delivered, the system calls the delegate’s urlSessionDidFinishEvents(forBackgroundURLSession:) methodology.” however I am unable to discover any examples on-line the place that is truly carried out. In my case … Read more

Actual-World Flutter by Tutorials | raywenderlich.com

This e-book will train you to construct skilled iOS and Android apps for the true world utilizing Flutter. You’ll achieve all of the foundations of cell growth it is advisable make one of the best choices in your personal codebase, whereas addressing vital issues reminiscent of state administration, consumer authentication, and dynamic theming. Earlier than … Read more

ios – Deprecated API Utilization – New apps that use UIWebView are not accepted(React Native)

UIWebview present in these folder however i am not capable of get substitute it into WKWebView, I get utilizing on challenge listing : grep -r UIWebView ./* Binary file ./node_modules/react-native-maps/.gradle/4.10.3/taskHistory/taskHistory.bin matches Binary file ./node_modules/@philly25/react-native-paytm/ios/libPaymentsSDK.a matches ./node_modules/@philly25/react-native-paytm/ios/PGTransactionViewController.h:@interface PGTransactionViewController : UIViewController <UIWebViewDelegate, UIActionSheetDelegate> ./node_modules/jsc-android/dist/embody/JSContextPrivate.h:/*! @summary The delegate the context will use when attempting to load a module. … Read more