ios – Error: cordova-plugin-customurlscheme redirecting web page

I’m constructing an app which makes use of cordova-plugin-customurlscheme for iOS.
On Android this plugin works completely positive however on iOS it doesnt and I can’t redirect a web page from internet browser to app.

Error : Xcode

Did not load webpage with error: Body load interrupted.

I’ve tried on some options talked about on web site however didnt work.

What I’ve already tried on are

  1. added www/ios/LaunchMyApp.js to www/js/plugins/LaunchMyApp.js

  2. added <script kind="textual content/javascript" src="js/plugins/LaunchMyApp.js"></script> to index.html

  3. addeed beneath code to information.plist


=> however nothing’s modified

Platform and Model

  • Cordova v9.0.0
  • ios 5.1.1
  • X-code 13.2.1
  • Node.js 16.16.0
  • iPhone 15.5

├── cordova-android@9.0.0
├── cordova-ios@5.1.1
├── cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter@1.1.3 (git+ssh://
├── cordova-plugin-customurlscheme@5.0.2
├── cordova-plugin-fcm@2.1.2 (git+ssh://
├── cordova-plugin-file@6.0.2
├── cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@5.0.1-dev (git+ssh://
├── cordova-plugin-network-information@3.0.1-dev (git+ssh://
├── cordova-plugin-whitelist@1.3.6-dev (git+ssh://
├── cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine@1.2.2
├── cordova.plugins.diagnostic@6.1.1
├── mkdirp@1.0.4
└── phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner@8.1.1-dev (git+ssh://

Any assist and recommendation might be appreciated.