ios – UICollectionView Diffable Knowledge Supply: reload with out diffing?

I am utilizing diffable knowledge supply for my assortment view, every cell renders a novel knowledge mannequin which is the diffable knowledge mannequin, however globally I’ve a colour theme that determines the feel and appear of how cell renders issues. Now the issue is when colour theme adjustments there is no change in time period of information mannequin, meanting there is no “diff” once I re-apply snapshot for the info supply. Because of this, the gathering view would not refresh. There’s the strategy applySnapshotUsingReloadData that does not do diffing, however it’s solely out there for iOS 15+, so I’ve to first apply an empty snapshot earlier than making use of the precise one simply to power rendering seen cells.

Is there one thing I missed that may assist? Or ought to I simply return to the cellForItemAt indexPath means?