Reasonably priced CAT scan machine constructed with an Arduino

Reasonably priced CAT scan machine constructed with an Arduino

Arduino GroupAugust ninth, 2022

A CT (computed tomography), or CAT (computed axial tomography), scan is a kind of medical imaging method by which a number of X-ray “slices” come collectively to type a pseudo-3D mannequin. CT scanners are the sorts of medical gear which can be so costly that producers don’t even hassle itemizing costs on their web sites. Suffice it to say that new CT scanners can price a number of million {dollars} — not precisely inside the price range of many hobbyists. So Pyrotechnical used an Arduino to construct his personal CT scanner.

Disclaimer: X-ray emitters are probably harmful. Don’t play with them for those who don’t know what you’re doing!

Pyrotechnical’s CT scanner design depends on taking X-ray “slice” photos rotationally, versus a stack of slices like a resin 3D printer. The reason being that X-ray photos penetrate a whole object and there isn’t any method to seize a real cross-sectional slice. However by snapping X-ray photographs of an object from many alternative angles, it’s attainable to create what seems like a 3D view. It’s even attainable to make use of these to assemble a 3D mannequin.

The X-ray emitter and display for this undertaking got here from an previous mammography machine. After the X-rays cross by way of the imaged object, they collide with the particular display that emits gentle. That display makes it simple to take photos of the X-ray projection. The Arduino Uno board performs three capabilities. First, it spins a stepper motor to rotate a turntable on which the scanned object rests. Second, it prompts the X-ray emitter’s energy provide through a relay. Third, it prompts a Bluetooth distant by way of one other relay and that Bluetooth distant tells Pyrotechnical’s smartphone to snap a photograph.

Capturing an X-ray picture each eight levels of rotation yields 45 photographs. By changing these into frames of a video, one finally ends up with a reasonably cool clip that provides viewers a “3D” X-ray look into the item. With a nifty program akin to photogrammetry software program, one may even create a real 3D mannequin from the pictures — although it is vitally low-resolution.

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