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Tech Breakdown: Orbit BLTouch Auto Leveling Contact Sensor

The Orbit BLTouch Sensor

The Orbit Sensor is an auto-leveling sensor for 3D Printers that exactly measures the space in top and tilt of the 3D printing floor. The sensor operates on a bodily swap design that is available in direct contact with the floor to offer correct distances within the calculation of the hotend offset. Most significantly the sensor works on all surfaces and is extensible to all RepRap customary printers, no matter producer.

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The MatterHackers Orbit Auto Mattress-Leveling Probe


There are quite a few sensors on the 3D printing market at present that fall below the overall class of proximity sensors. These sensors are ubiquitous on higher-end desktop 3D printer fashions however are quickly being supplied on lower-end 3D printers. The number of proximity sensors virtually matches the variety of 3D printer producers and have totally different sensing strategies, which embody inductive, conductive, infrared, swap, accelerometer, and capacitive fashions. The Orbit Sensor operates below the swap sensor umbrella.

The Orbit Sensor is appropriate with virtually any sort of print mattress floor as effectively, making it perfect for all 3D printer upgrades.


The Orbit Sensor consists of an Atmel ATtiny13A microcontroller, a solenoid swap, and a push pin probe that is available in contact with the mattress floor. If an issue was discovered throughout operation or through the self-test, the inner LED blinks signaling that an alarm has been triggered. The consumer may additionally allow the self-test possibility with the push pin mechanism to find out if the sensor is operational.

Orbit Sensor Mounted on the Pulse 3D Printer

Orbit Sensor Mounted on the Pulse 3D Printer

As a consequence of its small footprint and easy construction, the Orbit Sensor could also be utilized in most printer configurations. The bottom line is to make sure that the mounting bracket is at a 90 diploma angle to the construct plate in order that the underside of the sensor probe touches horizontally. As soon as mounted, the sensor is related to the servo and the minimal z-endstops and the firmware is flashed to mirror the brand new {hardware} and to allow full performance.

The precision of the Orbit Sensor is highlighted in its repeatability for every contact of the floor with the probe. Testing has revealed that the usual deviation in repeatability is 0.005mm. The low energy utilization of the Orbit Sensor additionally aids in its precision by not producing any warmth to change the operation of the probe.


Step one is to seek out and/or design and print a mount for the Orbit Sensor.  The mount ought to place the sensor near the nozzle on the hotend in order that the probe will present probably the most correct outcomes relative to the nozzle.

Subsequent, the Sensor has three wires that have to be related to pins on both the RAMPS 1.4 or the RAMBo / MiniRAMBo motherboards (see footage under). These connections are often assigned to the minimal z-endstops and the pins for the connections are then designated within the Marlin firmware. Within the Configuration.h file, seek for the Z Probe Choices and Mattress Leveling sections to make the required inputs. These inputs embody:

  • Make #outline BLTOUCH energetic
  • Set the x and y offset from the nozzle
  • Outline the pin assignments for servos and for z-max
  • Designate Linear mattress leveling
  • Set the boundaries for probing
  • Set variety of factors to probe throughout the grid
RAMPS 1.4 Motherboard

RAMPS 1.4 Motherboard

MiniRAMBo v1.3a Motherboard

MiniRAMBo v1.3a Motherboard

The ultimate configuration might take a number of iterations of resetting and flashing the firmware to finalize on one of the best end result. This may be considerably tedious, however well worth the complete effort.


The Orbit Sensor is a proximity auto-leveling sensor improve for RepRap customary printers. The sensor offers an correct offset between the hotend and the print mattress and operates as a easy swap proximity gadget. The accuracy in relation to the fee makes this sensor a will need to have for any printer with out auto leveling functionality. Be ready to be amazed by this {hardware} add-on.



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