3D Print Service Fresno CA

Find top-rated 3D print service providers near you in Fresno, CA. Whether you’re looking to bring your digital designs to life or need assistance with rapid prototyping, we can help you find the best 3D print service providers in Fresno, CA.

Local Businesses

Marlins Auto & Truck Repair

(559) 252-1584
1543 N Maple Ave # A
Fresno, CA 93727

AAA Computer Tutor

(559) 233-3100
843 E University Ave
Fresno, CA 93727


(559) 275-7059
3150 W Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93711

The Business Journal

(559) 490-3400
1315 Van Ness Ave., #200
Fresno, CA 93721

Horizon Graphic Designs

2003 N. Vagedes Avenue
Fresno, CA 93705


(559) 431-0107
7065 North Ingram Avenue
Fresno, CA 93650

Execu Train

(559) 221-0700
1196 E Shaw Ave # 102
Fresno, CA 93727

The Fresno Bee

(559) 441-6302
1626 E St.
Fresno, CA 93786


(559) 476-2900
3950 N. Chestnut Diag., #107
Fresno, CA 93726

FourCopies Xerox

8775225587 ext 709
2025 N Gateway Blvd
Fresno, CA 93727

Kiddie Kare West

(559) 438-1921
3375 W Figarden Dr
Fresno, CA 93727

Business Productivity Group

(559) 244-6325
1477 E Shaw Ave Ste 140
Fresno, CA 93727

Futurekids School Technology

(559) 439-6722
7258 N Channing Way
Fresno, CA 93727

Khmer Unanimity Newspaper

559 255 9387
P O Box 7713
Fresno, CA 93747

Office Depot

(559) 447-1003
5705 North Blackstone Ave, N. Blackstone & W. Bullard
Fresno, CA 93710


(559) 252-9457
5125 East Kings Canyon
Fresno, CA 93727

Kiddie Kare Schools Incorporated

(559) 275-1169
4697 N Bendel Ave
Fresno, CA 93727

Shred-It Fresno

(559) 256-2303
5470 W Spruce Ave #104
Fresno, CA 93722

Fresno City College Training

(559) 256-0188
1901 E Shields Ave Ste 250
Fresno, CA 93727

Computer Training Institute

(559) 229-1876
567 W Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93727

3D Print Service FAQ in Fresno, CA

Can I 3D print anything and sell it?

Yes, you can make money with a 3D printer. And there are a lot of ways that you can do it, whether that’s selling 3D printed items, digital goods, or even offering a 3D printing service in your local area.

Are 3D printers expensive to maintain?

Maintenance depends on the 3D printer’s sophistication, features, rarity, and technology. Therefore, FDM printer users might say maintenance ranges from $200 to $599, while DSLS printer users would likely say maintenance costs above $1000.

How much does it cost in electricity to run a 3D printer for 24 hours?

According to NPR, the average cost of a kilowatt-hour in the United States is 12 cents; therefore, running an Ender 3 for 24 hours would cost $0.35. It would cost roughly $11 to run your Ender 3 24 hours a day for a month. The Ender 3’s power supply is 360W (24V DC at 15A).

Is 3D printing hobby expensive?

3D printing is not expensive and very affordable as you can get a decent 3D printer for around $150-$200 like the Ender 3. The materials you need to 3D print are also relatively cheap, being only around $20 for 1KG of plastic filament. 3D printing items can be several times cheaper than buying them.

Is it a good idea to start a 3D printing business?

If you want to start a 3D printing business, there’s a lot to consider. Read on for ideas to turn your hobby into a lucrative activity! The global 3D printing market is huge, valued at $16.7 billion in 2022 and growing annually at over 20%. Even a tiny slice of that pie can be a lucrative business opportunity.

What is the biggest disadvantage of 3D printing?

Limited Materials. While 3D Printing can create items in a selection of plastics and metals the available selection of raw materials is not exhaustive. Restricted Build Size. Post Processing. Large Volumes. Part Structure. Reduction in Manufacturing Jobs. Design Inaccuracies. Copyright Issues.

What is one negative about 3D printing?

Potential Hazards of 3D Printing Some common hazards include: Breathing in harmful materials: 3D printing can release particulates and other harmful chemicals into the air. Skin contact with harmful materials: Users can get hazardous materials, such as metal powders, solvents and other chemicals, on their skin.

How long does it take to 3D print an object?

A large part may take 200 to 300 hours while smaller parts might only take five to ten minutes. If your part is complex or tall, you’ll need to add more to the printing time. Generally, the process of 3D printing can take anywhere from two to seven days with most common-sized objects.

What is the most unusual item you can find that has been 3D printed?

Microscopic race car. There’s a bizarre creation courtesy of researchers at the Vienna University of Technology. They created a 3D printer that can create near-microscopic objects. To demonstrate its abilities, the researchers printed a tiny race car that’s just about the width of a hair follicle.

What do I need to know before I start 3D printing?

Buying Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better. PLA is the Easiest Material to Handle. You’re Better Off Getting an Auto-Levelling 3D Printer. Don’t Cheap Out on Your Filament. Learn How Your 3D Printer Comes Together. A Good Print Bed Makes the World Of Difference.

Is it safe to live in a 3D printed house?

The short answer is yes. 3D-printers build structures with a plastic or concrete mixture that is just as durable as traditional homes. Concrete houses have long been known for their strength and resiliency, lasting centuries or even millennia.