How do I Choose the Best Coaster Pagers?

When you are trying to decide which coaster pagers to buy, think about the range you might want them to have. You might also want to consider how long they might stay charged. Their overall design could be a factor, as could the type of lights that are on them. You may also want to know how loudly the product beeps in order to make sure the noise is not distracting.

Coaster pagers may have different ranges in which they can emit a signal. Think about whether or not your guests may want to visit another local business while they are waiting to be seated. This can determine how far you may need them to reach.
Think about when you might need to use coaster pagers in order to determine how long you might need them to stay charged. Most models usually stay active for between four and eight hours. If you are likely to use them for both lunch and dinner service, you may need the type that stay charged longer. If you may need them only during dinner hours or for special occasions, models that stay charged for just four hours may be sufficient.

When it comes to coaster pagers, there are many designs available. You may want to choose some that include your business logo, if possible. You can also decide what shape you might want. You can typically choose octagonal, round, or square models. Think about the drinking glasses or containers you use in your business, in order to choose coasters that can accommodate them easily. This is to encourage customers to purchase drinks while they are waiting to be seated.

Some vibrating pagers are virtually silent, while others can make a loud beeping noise. This can often be accompanied by flashing lights. Listen to the devices in order to determine if the pagers make an unusually loud noise that might distract others. Try to determine if the sound is annoying to patrons. Find out whether or not they can be turned off by customers if they are bothered by the flashing or beeping.

Coaster pagers can be a good choice if your restaurant often has a waiting list for tables. This is because they eliminate the need to call names over an intercom system. Using them can also result in faster turn-around times for guests to be seated, which could mean higher customer satisfaction and increased profits as well.