How Do I Choose the Best Dual Screen Notebook?

If you are a computer designer or programmer, you’ll want to choose a dual screen laptop that has enough memory to handle multi-tasking. Look for a sufficient amount of random access memory (RAM), as well as adequate hard drive space for storing your photos, music, and data. Your dual screen notebook should also have good resolution for both screens. A bright backlight display can improve viewing in dark lighting. Also, consider a model with a high-capacity battery, as a dual screen computer may drain the battery faster than a single screen.

Before deciding on a new dual screen notebook computer, it’s a good idea to comparison shop for the best selection and price. Dual screen computers are a relatively new technology, so you’ll want to buy yours from a reputable source. For this reason, choose a manufacturer that has been associated with computer technology for many years. When shopping for your dual screen notebook, ask for assistance from a knowledgeable sales representative.

Screen size is another factor to consider when purchasing a new dual screen notebook. Two screens may be best for multi-tasking, but you might have to compromise screen size. For portability, smaller screens may be convenient, but for some it this present a problem. If you have trouble reading small print, it’s best to select the largest screen size possible to avoid eyestrain. If your laptop has touch screen capabilities, look for smooth multi-touch or pinch-to-zoom features.

Processor speed is an important thing to consider in a dual screen notebook. You most likely will be using more than one application at a time, and multi-tasking requires a fast processor. Ask an expert for advice if you are uncertain of the best processor speed to meet your needs.

The rotating and sliding screens in a dual screen laptop can provide a good viewing angle. While the dual screens may make your tasks easier, you should also consider the added weight of these notebooks. In most cases, the dual screen laptops will weigh considerably more than a standard single screen model. If you carry your notebook around frequently, this can become cumbersome. Choose a lighter notebook if you travel a lot.

While considering processor speed and hard disc space, don’t forget to inquire about the speakers. Choosing a dual screen notebook with good speaker quality may cost you considerably more, but it may be worth it if you listen to music frequently on your laptop. High-end speakers shouldn’t be a priority, however, if you don’t use your notebook for watching movies and listening to music.