How Do I Choose the Best Fax System?

Choosing the best fax system, whether for your home or office, may come down to the details that set one machine apart from the next. One major example is the type of ink that is used, because inkjet, laser and thermal transfer types are available. You also may want to find out the system’s speed and memory abilities before you buy a fax system. Additional details to consider include the system’s capabilities for speed dial, color faxing and handling various paper sizes. You can find out most of these details by reading the product description for the system you are considering.

You first may want to consider the type of ink that is used in a particular fax system. One of the most popular types is inkjet technology, which usually is able to provide clear text at a good price, as long as you do not send very many faxes. If you plan to use the machine frequently, then a laser fax machine may be best because, despite its higher upfront price, it is known for its low printing costs. This type of fax system also tends to print images more clearly than the inkjet kind can. On the other hand, if you want to save money and print quality is not particularly important, then a thermal transfer fax machine may be better for you.

Once you have an idea of the type of fax system you want, you should consider how fast it needs to send faxes. If you plan to send a lot of faxes in a row, then you likely will benefit from a machine with a high rate of speed, though this may not matter much if you plan only to send an occasional fax. Another important factor should be the memory function that comes with your fax system, because you may find some of features to be convenient. For example, some machines can store a fax in its memory in case you run out of paper during an incoming fax. It also is possible for some fax machines to process both incoming and outgoing faxes concurrently, which requires a decent amount of memory within the machine.

It also is important to consider the other features that you would appreciate in your new fax system. For instance, you may want to think about whether you would ever use speed dial for numbers to which you frequently send faxes, or if you could benefit from the ability to delay faxes until a certain time. You also should consider the paper size that you typically use, because some fax machines can fit paper that is larger than the standard size. Another consideration is whether you ever will need to send color faxes, because only some machines on the market feature this ability.