How Do I Choose the Best Free QR Code Software?

One of the simplest ways to make a Quick Response (QR) code is through the use of free QR code software that can generate one for you. As you consider different programs, however, look at the types of data you can use to make the code and how easily you can enter and incorporate information into it. Be sure to look for compatibility to ensure that the free QR code software you choose can run with your computer system. You should also consider using a free online utility that can generate a code without any program download or installation.

There are actually quite a few different pieces of free QR code software that you can use and certain considerations can help you narrow down your choices. Look at the different types of input that you can use to generate QR codes with a program before choosing one. QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that are graphical and can be used to relay information. These codes are scanned with a device, such as a smart phone, that can read the data in them and display this information.

The types of input that you can use to create a code often depends on the free QR code software that you use. Some programs may provide you with few tools to simplify the process of making a QR code, while other software can guide you through the process. If a program only allows you to place plain text in such a code, then it is likely to be far too limited for you. Look for free QR code software that you can use to integrate website addresses, emails, and other types of data into these codes. All of these types of features are fairly standard and can make the program much easier for you to use.

Once you find a free QR code software program, then make sure that it can run with your system. The Operating System (OS) on your computer is likely to limit the type of software that you can install and use on it. Compatibility between your OS and any program you want to use is important; otherwise you may not be able to run the software.

As you look at different types of free QR software to choose, consider using a website that can generate a code for you. There are a number of sites that you can use for free to input your data and create a code instantly. Some of these sites even allow you to control the color of your code and choose how you want to create it. These tools help you quickly make a code and then email it to yourself, print it out, or upload it to a social networking site.