How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle GPS?

A global positioning system (GPS) is a device that helps travelers navigate from one location to another. The right motorcycle GPS can depend largely on how the device is mounted onto the vehicle. It should provide some type of protection from extreme weather and road hazards while still being easy to read in various levels of light. You may want to know how this GPS is charged and whether it can also be used on other vehicles.

It can be a good idea to find out how a motorcycle GPS is mounted before you make a purchase. The right unit should not interfere with steering or other controls, yet be located in a position that makes the device easy to read. It can be difficult to determine if a global positioning system might be awkward to mount, so you may want to see if there is a sample device already mounted on a motorcycle for you to look at.

A motorcycle GPS may have a clear glass covering, which can help protect the unit from rain or snow. It can be a good idea to make sure there is no moisture build-up behind this section because dampness could harm the unit itself. Some glass covers have an anti-reflective coating, which can make it easy to read directions when it is sunny outside. This coating should not be too dark because this can make it difficult to read the GPS at night. By taking the unit into bright sunlight and then into a dark area you can find out how easy it is to read at different light levels.

You may be able to connect a motorcycle GPS directly to the vehicle’s battery, in which case the unit will always be charged. Some systems could require their own batteries, while others may operate on solar energy. It can be helpful to know how the unit is charged so you can make sure the device is ready to use whenever you need it to be.

Some models can be used in automobiles or on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) as well. If you only ride your motorcycle occasionally, you may want to have the flexibility of using the device on other modes of transportation. You should make sure the GPS is easy to mount and dismount if this is something you choose to do. A versatile model may cost more than one designed for only one type of vehicle, but you could actually save money over buying more than one system.