How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Amplifier?

Choose the best outdoor amplifier for your needs by determining the other equipment that it will be hooked up to, deciding how much power you need, and finding one in your price range. Since the amplifier will be outdoors, you also need to establish how much weatherproofing it needs to have, which depends on the length of time it will be outside and how much available protection it will have from the elements. Outdoor amplifiers are usually utilized to increase the power of audio speakers so that you can have an enjoyable listening experience while outside, so choosing the best one for you will create a positive setting.

The first step in finding an outdoor amplifier is deciding which equipment it will be hooked up to. An outdoor amplifier is usually hooked up to speakers with wires connecting to a speaker switch, so locate the speaker switch on your speakers to ensure that the equipment will be compatible. You can tell a sales clerk at an audio components store which speakers you plan on using and he or she can recommend amplifiers that will work with the speakers. Make sure that the wires for the amplifier are long enough to attach to the speakers.

You will need to decide how much power you want the amplifier to have, as outdoor amplifiers come in different sizes that are capable of changing frequencies a small amount or a large amount. If an outdoor amplifier is not capable of changing all of the frequencies coming from the speakers, there will be distortion instead of quality sound. Choose an amplifier that is in a quality class and price range similar to that of the speakers or you will risk having this occur. Some brands sell different types of audio components, which can be a way to compare quality.

Certain outdoor amplifiers come equipped with weatherproofing that makes them more resistant to elements such as wind, snow and rain. If you choose to purchase one of these, you will be paying extra for this feature, but will benefit by having a system that lasts longer. When placing the amplifier in a relatively safe place outside, such as a garage, this might not be necessary as it would be somewhat more protected from the elements. Choose an outdoor amplifier that is the highest quality you can find, that works with your speakers, and that will not become damaged outside for best results with your music.