How do I Choose the Best Rapid Electric Stapler?

A stapler is a convenient tool for binding papers or stacks of paper together to organize paperwork. If a great deal of paper is involved, a rapid electric stapler may be a better alternative than the typical stapler found on many desks. This type of automatic stapler can help you save time and there are heavy duty stapler designs that allow you to bind heavier paper or several sheets of paper at once. Compare the benefits of different types and brands to find the best rapid electric stapler.

Some people swear by particular brands of tools or office supplies while others are more likely to compare prices first and look for what they believe is the best value. Brand names tend to cost a bit more than other options, but they may also offer a better guarantee policy. Compare each policy along with the prices and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Even if the amount that you initially pay for the product is more than another brand, it may prove to be the better value in the long-term if the rapid electric stapler needs to be repaired or replaced. Repairing such tools can be difficult and may not be worth it. It is better to choose one that offers a full replacement guarantee. Keep in mind that the guarantee will generally not cover any type of misuse.

Next, look at the size and type of rapid electric stapler. Choose one that can handle the workload. It is wise to spend a little more on a larger, heavy-duty option up front than to spend less initially and end up having to purchase a larger rapid electric stapler later.

You will also want to consider the type of stapler. Typical strips of staples, found in many desktop staplers, can slip out of place and don’t last long. Constantly having to stop and refill the stapler or fix a jammed stapler is bothersome, time-consuming, and may result in injuries. Always follow the instructions and use caution when using a tool or piece of office equipment that can cause injury.

A rapid electric stapler that uses cartridges instead of typical strips of staples may be the better choice, especially if you use a stapler frequently in your work or projects. Cartridges contain more staples than strips do, which means fewer stops to refill staples. They are also less likely to jam a rapid electric stapler.