How do I Choose the Best Rugged Camera?

Rugged cameras allow you to use them anywhere without fearing damage from dropping them, getting them wet or exposing them to harsh weather conditions. Many cameras in the rugged genre are freezeproof, waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and shockproof. There are many options available that might be relevant to what you need. When choosing the best rugged camera for your needs, you need to think about several factors, including your personal preferences, your desired photo quality and your budget.

The many manufacturers of rugged cameras often specialize in certain areas, and you need a camera that fits you. If someone never travels to cold environments, he or she might not need an all-around outdoor camera that is freezeproof. Make a list of where you’ll need your rugged camera, and include any items such as scuba diving, beach trips, ski trips, hiking, mountain climbing, jungle safaris, desert expeditions or sporting events. When looking at your planned and regular activities, you’ll be able to see what specific rugged capabilities your outdoor camera should have.

Think about how you’d like to use your camera. Consider whether you need professional photos for your career or are merely capturing photos as mementos of a trip. Depending on the reason for the photos, you’ll need to choose a rugged camera that has the proper mexapixels (MP). For personal photos, a 10 MP camera is sufficient, but you’ll need at minimum of 12 MP capabilities for clearer shots. There are regular and digital rugged camera choices as well.

When choosing the best rugged camera for you, also consider your personal preferences. Would you like your rugged camera to capture several shots in a second for action photos? Will you want only to take photos, or do you want video capabilities? Some cameras are heavier than others and some fit better in your hand. Make sure to physically go to the store and “feel” the camera before purchasing it.

With the many choices of models and brands available, rugged cameras come in several price ranges. Think about your budget before you choose the best rugged camera for you. Some basic waterproof cameras can cost about the same as a regular camera (less than $100 US Dollars), while others with more features can be very expensive and cost more than $1,000 US Dollars. Try not to pay for features you’ll never use. Doing online research and reading client reviews also will help you decide which rugged camera is best for you.