How do I Choose the Best Video Editing Freeware?

There are a number of different video editing freeware programs available for download and use, and determining the best one for you can be simplified by considering a few basic aspects of what you are looking to do with your video editing. One of the most important and basic considerations regards the various file types you would like to or need to use in your editing. If you know which file types you are going to be dealing with, then you can focus only on programs that allow you to use and edit those file types. You should also look for video editing freeware that will allow you to make the types of edits you are looking for and complete your project as easily as possible.

Video editing freeware is a type of computer program available for free, usually open source, which will allow you to edit, copy, save, and potentially burn your videos or movies to a media type such as a digital versatile disc (DVD). There is no simple answer as to which type of video editing program is best, since that meaning typically depends on what you want to do with the program and how capable you are with such programs. Most professional, expensive video editing programs are excellent but they can be quite complex and may be overwhelming for a beginner.

As you look at video editing freeware, you should consider what types of files you wish to be working with. This is one of the simplest considerations to start with, as you can narrow your search to only those programs that support the file types you need. If you are unsure of what file types you will likely be working with, then you should look for video editing freeware that can handle as many types as possible, just to be safe.

You should then consider what it is you want the program to do. If you are just looking to put a few videos together and burn it to a DVD, then you can likely find a fairly simple program that can do that. You may be trying to assemble several hundred clips together and composite special effects and other elements into the whole thing, however, which would require a somewhat more powerful program.

The best video editing freeware for you is going to be a program that can handle what you want it to do and will be simple enough for you to use without a few dozen hours of reading tutorials. You may want to look for descriptions and reviews of programs on websites so you can get an idea of how others have received the product. This can give you an idea of how well it might suit your needs. You should also look for reputable websites to download from, since some freeware providers can use the files to spread Trojans or other malware.