How do I Choose the Best Wireless Speakers?

Choosing the best wireless speakers requires some careful considerations. Connectivity, convenience, and range of use are all important factors that may help determine the best wireless speakers for a particular stereo or audio source. Other factors to consider might include whether the speakers are for indoor or outdoor use, and whether they are add-on units or stand-alone devices. Depending on the wireless speaker’s intended use, the quality of sound is another important consideration to keep in mind.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when purchasing wireless speakers is connectivity. Some wireless speakers are capable of functioning on their own with a built-in power source, while others may require connection to an alternate power source such as an A/V receiver to operate correctly. Determine the speakers’ primary use to help ensure that they can be used where they are needed.

Decide where the speakers will be used. Speaker portability is important, particularly if they are to be used for travel, or both indoor and outdoor use. Finding a compact solution may be ideal for travel, but may not matter as much if the wireless speakers will not be transported or moved frequently. If the speakers will primarily be used outdoors, search for ones that are water or weatherproof.

Consider the range of use you will expect or require of wireless speakers. Some infrared-based wireless technology requires that the speakers have direct line of sight to the “hub” that broadcasts the wireless signal. Other wireless speakers, relying on radio signals, may be used virtually anywhere without the risk of signal loss or sound quality.

Sound quality is another aspect to think about. For computer-based applications, a simple two-speaker setup may produce sufficient sound quality to enjoy gaming and other computer-related features. Those looking to install a surround-sound home theater might consider higher-end speaker sets that include a series of speakers and a sub woofer to help produce a fuller, crisper sound.

Research consumer reviews to find the top-rated speakers on the market. Do a price comparison of at least a few different brands to determine the most cost-effective solution for your speaker needs. Remember, the most expensive speakers are not necessarily the best ones. Visit an electronics store to hear a wireless speaker set first-hand before buying it to avoid purchasing one that is incompatible or lacking in quality and sound. Shop around to find the best speakers at the best price.