How Do I Clean Computer Software?

The best way to clean computer software typically depends on what type of cleaning you are looking to perform. If you want to “clean” software off of your computer, for example, then there are programs you can download to help you remove extra information off of your system. You might also want to “clean” your computer’s operating system (OS) or registry information, which can be done using certain programs designed for that use. If you want to physically clean computer software, such as a disc with software data on it, then you should use a soft cloth and avoid any harsh cleaning products.

One of the best ways to clean computer software off of a computer is to use a software program designed to perform such a function. While you can uninstall a program from your computer fairly easily, especially if the program provides you with an uninstall utility, this does not always remove all its components. Many programs leave behind files in different folders, and depending on your OS there may be other secondary files left behind in your registry folders.

There are numerous programs designed to help clean computer software off of your system, usually by performing a scan of your system and removing unnecessary files. You should look for a program designed to work with your OS, and look for reviews of such programs to ensure they function properly. Improper removal of files could destroy information you need or create problems with your remaining programs. You should also be sure to look for registry cleaners to help you clean computer software out of your registry, especially if you are using a Windows OS.

If you want to clean computer software that is physically damaged or dirty, such as a compact disc (CD) or digital versatile disc (DVD), then you should be sure to use the proper equipment. Discs with dirt on them can be cleaned quite easily using a soft cloth or rag, such as one you might use to wipe off lenses of eyeglasses, and should be wiped gently from the center of the disc toward the outer edge. You should avoid any harsh chemicals that might damage the disc, and lens cleaning solution is often best for this. If you have scratches on a disc, you can use a scratch removal device, though the effectiveness of such devices is somewhat debatable.