How do I Convert FLV to 3GP?

To convert FLV to 3GP, the user needs to download a converter program to his computer and add the FLV to the converter so it can change it to a 3GP file. Certain converters are designed for this specific purpose and it’s important to check that the program specifically lists FLV and 3GP as file formats it can convert to. For a user to know whether or not he needs to convert FLV to 3GP, he needs to understand what each of the two files formats are and how they are used.

FLV stands for Flash video and is a format used in Internet videos such as those posted on popular video sharing sites such as YouTube. Adobe Flash Player is required to view Flash videos. When a user downloads a video from the Internet to his computer, he usually stores it as an FLV file.

3GP is a type of multimedia container format created to work with 3G UMTS multimedia services. Basically, this means it is the format for videos that play on mobile phones. Typically this type of video only works on 3G phones and other mobile devices, though certain 2G and 4G phones can support 3GP videos. Videos in other file formats will not work on mobile phones or devices.

Phone users who want to transfer videos to their phones must first convert them to a 3GP format. Since many videos are downloaded in the FLV format, software used to convert FLV to 3GP is fairly popular. Often, a quick search for “convert FLV to 3GP” will bring up a list of both free and priced software converters. The user should choose a converter from a website he trusts and download it to his computer.

Once the download completes, he then runs the program and follows the onscreen instructions to set it up. After the setup has finished, he can run the converter program to convert his files. He starts by choosing to convert FLV to 3GP and choosing the FLV file he wants to convert. If the FLV file is not already saved on his computer, he’ll need to download it and save it. Certain files may require the user to download software to save them to his computer.

After choosing the appropriate FLV file, he presses the “Start” or “Convert” button and the program starts the conversion. The user chooses a location to save the file and once the conversion finishes, the file will appear in the chosen location. The user then sends the file to his phone, typically using a Bluetooth connection, and the video should play. If not, he may have chosen the wrong file type to convert to or the video could be corrupt.