How Do I Get a Cell Phone without a Plan?

There are several options if you want a cell phone without a plan. Prepaid and pay-as-you-go cell phones are two of the most popular options. With these phones, you will purchase minutes before you use them. Some cell phones are also disposable, and these are often used in emergencies.
Prepaid cell phones are one of the most popular options for individuals seeking a cell phone without a plan. With these types of cell phones, you are able to purchase a certain amount of time on the phone before you actually use it. Unlike cell phones with plans, there is no contract with these phones, and a company will not perform a credit check.

This type of cell phone without a plan is especially helpful if you have poor credit, but still need a cell phone. If you don’t purchase time, you will not have to pay any fees. Instead, your phone will be shut off until additional time is purchased.

Some prepaid cell phone providers also allow consumers to purchases packages. These packages can include unlimited minutes or text messages. This is similar to many cell phones with contracts, but you will still be able to have a cell phone without a plan.

Pay-as-you-go cell phones also allow you to buy minutes before you use them.
These minutes are often obtained by purchasing a cell phone card. Some of these cards display how many minutes a consumer is purchasing, and some of them simply display the amount. With the latter types of cards, one minute is typically worth a certain amount of money, and as you use these minutes, money is deducted from your account.

A disposable phone is another type of cell phone without a plan. As the name suggests, this type of phone is meant to be discarded after using it, and it is considered to be a temporary phone. These phones are quite small, and they often don’t have a screen. Users are typically unable to receive calls or store information, such as contacts. Text messaging is also unavailable with these types of cell phones.

Before you choose a cell phone without a plan, it is recommended that you compare prices. This can easily be done online. Keep in mind whether you text or talk more. Some of these no-contract phones are more economical if you talk to friends and family more than you text them. On the other hand, you may get a better deal with certain companies if you text more than you talk.