How do I get Blog Traffic?

Starting a blog can be easy. There are a number of types of hosted blog software that specialize in making it easy for the neophyte blogger to get started. The question of how to get blog traffic requires an answer that is less instantaneous. Ongoing effort and dedication is needed to get blog traffic that maintains a certain level.
The most crucial step to get blog traffic is to show up. In terms of a blog, this means making reasonably frequent posts. People aren’t going to maintain a connection with a blog that has a post three times a year. This doesn’t mean you need to blog on schedule — though some people do. It does mean you have to post.

Having an inviting site that fits the theme of the blog is another basic. This may include an attractive header and background, useful tools in the sidebar, and other content that adds to the site’s value. If you can’t get what you want with an instant blog setup, it’s worth making the effort to use a blog software that requires more adaptation, but will result in the look-and-feel you want. The use of themes, addons, and plug-ins may help you to accomplish this.

Setting up comments and other invitations to your readers to interact with your content and you are important aspects of getting blog traffic. Don’t forget to comment on the comments you receive. You’re also likely to help get blog traffic if you comment on other blogs and forums that potential readers of your blog may visit.

Another important step to get blog traffic is to write content worth reading. Whether it’s the story of your adventures in Bombay, commentary on the political scene in London, really good vegan recipes, your appraisal of the latest gadgets, or your trials and tribulations as a homeschooling parent, write it like you mean it. Whether you are writing from life or you represent a company, you can set up search engine and social media searches on pertinent terms to help you find topics to discuss.

Writing well is another asset in order to get blog traffic. Even if you’re not out to be a world class writer, you can make sure that your words are spelled correctly and your sentences are correct, as appropriate to the style and language level of your site. To this end, you might want to compose your posts in a word processor, which has better spelling and grammar checks that blog posting pages do. However, be careful, since — at least with Blogger — you cannot successfully paste from a word processor into the blog application.

Once you have the basics down of posting thoughtful, well-written posts at a reasonable frequency, you may begin thinking about expansion. Now you can think about setting up an RSS feed to syndicate your blog. You can also encourage email subscriptions. Adding your blog to blog search engines helps people find your blog more easily.