How do I get EVDO Access?

EVDO, which stands for “Evolution, Data Only” or “Evolution, Data Optimized,” is a wireless broadband standard. Two things are needed to get EVDO access. First, you have to sign on with a wireless provider that offers this as a service. Secondly, you must have a device that can support EVDO access. Not all wireless providers run on the EVDO network, so before you choose between companies, be sure to ask if this is the network they support.

Once you have narrowed down a list of wireless providers that provide EVDO access, you can then narrow your choices further by comparing prices. Many companies charge for EVDO and other types of Internet access by gigabytes per month. Some claim to offer unlimited access to specific features and applications, but you may still want to look into any hidden fees or usage caps.

The amount of space you need will depend primarily on what you will be using your wireless device for. Business professionals who often work from the road by using office programs and presentation software may need more space than someone who uses EVDO access for downloading music and checking email. You will need to determine your own individual needs before signing up for a plan.

You will also need to find a phone or other wireless device that is equipped to support EVDO access. There are dozens of these devices on the market, but finding the one that is right for you can be tricky. Each phone may come with specific features or applications, including maps, social networking sites, and word processing programs. The needs you identified when choosing a wireless provider are also important when choosing a phone. You can get a device with all the bells and whistles, but there is little point in paying extra for features you will rarely or never use.

Once you have these two components in place, your wireless provider should be able to help you get started in using your wireless Internet service. This is also a good time to discuss coverage areas and other issues that affect performance. In most cases, EVDO access is available virtually anywhere, with seamless transitions between coverage zones.

EVDO is generally faster and more reliable than other wireless network services, especially when paired with a device that is able to handle higher speeds. Most anything that can be done with a desktop computer can now be done with a wireless device or laptop using EVDO. If you have any problems with access or using your applications, refer back to your device manual or contact your wireless provider for information.