How do I Learn How to Podcast?

Learning how to podcast is often simpler than learning more advanced and complicated forms of broadcasting, and there are numerous websites all over the Internet devoted not only to hosting podcasts, but also to helping newcomers learn how to do it. If you know someone who frequently podcasts, then you may consider asking him or her for advice as well. Such knowledge and experience can be beneficial, especially if you have questions regarding the hardware and software you will need. Having immediate input on such things available to you can be better than waiting for the digital back-and-forth of email or forum discussions.

What you will need to know can be almost as important as where you can find the information. Consider the technical issues that will matter to you. You should think about the hardware you will need, such as a computer and input devices like a microphone and possibly a camera if you want to do a video podcast. There are also certain software requirements to successfully create a podcast, from simple programs that allow you to record audio files and stream content through the Internet to complicated editing suites that can allow you to create more professional and advanced podcasts.

Figure out what general types of things you will need, and begin by researching those needs one at a time. If you need a microphone, then you should start researching microphones for use with a computer. You might prefer a freestanding microphone, a headset with a small microphone, or even a handheld device that allows you to move around and gives you a feel of control. Similarly, you may want a webcam to host a video podcast and you should look into different types of webcams as well to find what you need. Figuring out how to podcast is about deciding what you want and need, and then learning the actual process.

If you want to keep your podcasts fairly basic, then you will probably not need overly complex audio and video editing programs. You may want to create somewhat more elaborate podcasts with various audio effects and more complicated editing, and for that you would likely need a more sophisticated program. Do some research and find what program will fit your needs and work for you as you figure out how to podcast.

Research is probably going to be the key to answering most of your questions. Find websites targeted not only toward those who create podcasts but also for helping newcomers learn how to podcast. There are dozens of articles on various sites all over the Internet on how to podcast, full of advice and recommendations to those just starting out. Such sites may also have forums that allow you to post questions and receive answers from those who have experience in podcasting.