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Find top-rated 3D print service providers near you in Lake Charles, LA. Whether you’re looking to bring your digital designs to life or need assistance with rapid prototyping, we can help you find the best 3D print service providers in Lake Charles, LA.

Local Businesses

Delta Tech

517 Broad Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Walmart Supercenter

(337) 436-3909
2500 N. Martin Luther King Hwy
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Computer Training Center

517 Broad Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Office Depot

(337) 439-7996
2806 Ryan Street, Southgate Shopping Center
Lake Charles, LA 70601


(337) 474-2391
1720 W Prien Lake Rd
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Best Buy

715 W Prien Lake Rd
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Office Depot

(337) 562-2455
3150 Prien Lake Road, Oak Park Square
Lake Charles, LA 70615

Safety Council Southwest LA

(337) 436-3354
1201 Ryan St
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Bercier, Rick DDS – Bercier Rick DDS

(337) 478-3123
715 W College St
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Internet Room & Training Center

(337) 474-5885
1 Lakeshore Dr # 135
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Energy Battery & Electric Incorporated

(337) 439-4589
2430 Fruge St
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Delta Tech Corporation Training Center

(337) 439-5765
517 Broad St
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Walmart Supercenter

(337) 477-7799
3415 Us 14
Lake Charles, LA 70607

Walmart Supercenter

(337) 477-3785
3451 Nelson Road
Lake Charles, LA 70605

3D Print Service FAQ in Lake Charles, LA

What to print to make money with 3D printer?

Offer a custom 3D printing service. Create prototypes for products. Sell your 3D designs. Start a blog or YouTube channel. Teach a 3D printing course. Rent out your 3D printer.

What can 3D printing be used for?

Designers use 3D printers to quickly create product models and prototypes, but they’re increasingly being used to make final products, as well. Among the items made with 3D printers are shoe designs, furniture, wax castings for making jewelry, tools, tripods, gift and novelty items, and toys.

What is illegal to print on a 3D printer?

Intellectual property Therefore, if you 3D print an object with a patent, this is deemed illegal also. If you have a product or object you wish to patent, it is crucial to keep the CAD files confidential and highly protected as the intellectual property of your company or yourself.

What is 3D printing how it works?3D printing uses computer-aided design to create three-dimensional objects through a layering method. Sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing involves layering materials, like plastics, composites or bio-materials to create objects that range in shape, size, rigidity and color.

What are 5 things that can be printed by a 3D printer?

Consumer products (eyewear, footwear, design, furniture) Industrial products (manufacturing aids and tools, prototypes, functional end-use parts) Automotive and aerospace prototypes and final parts. Medical, healthcare, and dental products. Prosthetics and orthotics.

What organs have been 3D printed?

Multilayered skin, bones, muscle structures, blood vessels, retinal tissue and even mini-organs all have been 3D printed. None are approved for human use yet. The ability to 3D print human organs is an astounding notion.

Is a 3D printer more expensive than a laser printer?

Both laser cutters and 3D printers come in a wide range of price options, but 3D printers tend to be less expensive than laser cutters. Operation costs tend to be higher for 3D printers, though, since the filament can be expensive and some parts, such as the extruder nozzle, may require replacement over time.

How long does it take to 3D print an object?

A large part may take 200 to 300 hours while smaller parts might only take five to ten minutes. If your part is complex or tall, you’ll need to add more to the printing time. Generally, the process of 3D printing can take anywhere from two to seven days with most common-sized objects.

What is the most unusual item you can find that has been 3D printed?

Microscopic race car. There’s a bizarre creation courtesy of researchers at the Vienna University of Technology. They created a 3D printer that can create near-microscopic objects. To demonstrate its abilities, the researchers printed a tiny race car that’s just about the width of a hair follicle.

What materials Cannot be used for 3D printing?

However, materials that burn rather than melt at high temperatures cannot be processed safely by sintering or melting, but can be used when extruded through a nozzle for 3D printing. Wood, cloth and paper cannot be 3D printed using these processes.

What is the coolest thing that has been 3D printed?

Mouse Ovaries. Robot Skin. Real Skin. Food. Model Fetus.