What are Gaming Notebooks?

Gaming notebooks are laptops which have been customized for use in computer gaming. They have a number of features which make them ideally-suited to gaming, although they can be utilized by non-gamers as well. While gaming notebooks were once the specialty of obscure companies which often charged high rates for their services, many computer companies today have gaming notebooks in their lineups, at prices which can range from very reasonable to quite high. Specs for gaming laptops are constantly evolving, and people in the market for one would be well-advised to look up recent reviews in gaming and computer magazines to get themselves up to date on the latest and greatest.

Several characteristics distinguish a gaming notebook from other laptops. Gaming notebooks are essentially designed to permit portable gaming, allowing gamers to meet up with each other and game in a variety of environments without having to lug a desktop computer around. These desktop replacements are often very heavy and large, with very light weights and high degrees of portability not being a priority in the design. They may also have woeful energy efficiency, thanks to all of the features.

One of the key aspects of a gaming notebook is a fast processor and a lot of RAM to ensure that the notebook will be able to keep up with the game. Lag can be extremely frustrating for gamers, especially gamers playing in network environments. Gaming notebooks also have very high quality graphics cards to render the images in the game rapidly and precisely, and they often have good sound cards as well, allowing the gamer to become immersed in the game.

Other features include a big screen for better visibility, along with a keyboard which has programmable hotkeys which can be coded for various in-game functions. The keyboard may be backlit to facilitate visibility, and the laptop generally has a very sturdy construction so that it can withstand hard use and frequent travel. Ruggedized cases which allow the notebook to withstand harsh environments are popular with some gamers.

Gaming notebooks can also have features like hot-swappable bays, allowing gamers to switch out hard drives, disk drives, and batteries while the computer is running, along with a plethora of ports which can connect with a variety of devices. Lots of ports for USB devices are common, allowing gamers to use external hard drives, keyboards, and other equipment. A good wireless card, internal modem, and ethernet port are also included for an array of connectivity options.