What are Home Security Camera Systems?

Home security camera systems provide protection to the people living in a home as well as the belongings in the home. These systems often use video surveillance to monitor the activities outside of the home and at all points of entry. Security cameras for home use can be both monitored and unmonitored.
Monitored security systems are often linked to a company that tracks the activities in and around the home. In most cases, the cameras are not watched all of the time. Rather, the video footage is recorded and kept on file in case there is a breach of the security system. If the alarm is activated, the monitoring company typically calls the homeowner or contacts local law enforcement immediately.

An unmonitored security system works in much the same way, but without the company linked to the security cameras. A homeowner may record and store camera footage for his or her own reasons. He or she may also use the cameras simply to watch the exterior of the home, and not record it. If recorded, the media used can include videotapes, DVDs, or digital memory drives.

When setting up home security camera systems, there are several ways to wire them for monitoring. Cameras can be hard-wired to a central security location with one or multiple video monitors, or may utilize wireless signals to transmit the picture from the camera to the monitor. A wireless home security camera system tends to be easier to install because no wires are required. Renters may choose to install a wireless system to prevent any damage to the home.

Home security camera systems are often not connected to a home alarm system. Cameras may be purchased at a retailer and installed by the homeowner. These offer video of the exterior or interior of the home. Without a home alarm, the homeowner may not know if someone is breaking into the home. Therefore, video surveillance systems are often used in conjunction with home alarm systems.

Some home security systems include security cameras. These systems, which typically include video surveillance and home security monitoring, may cost more to maintain because more equipment must be installed. Monitoring costs may also be higher for such home security camera systems.

Many security systems offer a record mode and a watch mode. The record mode may be used at night or when the home is empty. The watch mode can be used during the day or when someone is present in the home. This option may not be available with monitored security systems.