What are ITIL Foundations?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) foundations is the first level of ITIL certification. ITIL is a program of best practices used by Information Technology (IT) managers to ensure quality work. People who may be interested in ITIL Foundations certifications include those who want to have a basic understanding of the ITIL framework.

People interested in such training can include IT professionals who work for companies that have implemented ITIL Service Management. Businesses that plan to implement ITIL may also require staff members to earn ITIL Foundations certification. Business managers who work closely with IT staff may also be interested in this basic certification level.

There are two Foundation certificate options. Students new to ITIL should study the course material for the ITIL Foundations Certificate in IT Service Management. This course will give the student an understanding of basic concepts, terminology, and structure that make up ITIL Service Management.

Students who have completed earlier versions of Foundation coursework can take the ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge Course. This course and exam help students understand the new content in the latest version of ITIL (version 3). It also explains the differences from earlier versions.

After studying for either certificate, students must take a multiple choice exam. A score of 65% or higher is required to receive an ITIL Foundations certificate. The exam can be paper-based or taken online. Generally, 60 minutes is allowed for the test.

Only certain providers are approved to conduct ITIL training and exams. APM Group is the official ITIL Accreditor and is authorized to license Education Institutes (EIs) to administer ITIL training and accreditation activities. EIs in turn assess and approve other organizations to provide the actual training and conduct exams. These organizations are called Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) or Accredited Course Providers (ACPs).
EIs review several areas of ATO and ACP practices before awarding an official accreditation. EIs review administration tactics for training and exams, the trainers, and the course material. Upon approval by an EI, ATOs and ACPs are granted licenses by APM Group to use the relevant ITIL materials and trademarks.

Prospective students can visit the official ITIL website for a list of EIs, ATOs, and ACPs, and to find training classes and course materials. IT professionals who have earned an ITIL Foundation certification can study additional material to work toward higher certifications. At higher levels, several areas of study, or modules, are required for each level. Additional certification levels include the Intermediate level, ITIL Expert, and ITIL Master.