What are the Best Tips for Trojan Spyware Removal?

If a computer begins to act abnormally, it may be infected with Trojan spyware or some other type of malware. These privacy-invasive software programs can steal personal information and should be removed as soon as possible. The best methods of Trojan spyware removal are to use anti-spyware software or to conduct a manual computer clean-up.

At first, Trojan spyware may seem harmless, often coming from email attachments or malicious websites that seem safe. Once installed, however, these programs lead to the installation of other more malicious programs. Users may notice that their computer runs slower than usual, that they see more pop-up windows than usual, or that they have had their home pages changed. These symptoms point to infestation and the need for immediate Trojan spyware removal.

For the best results, people should use anti-spyware software to scan their computers and remove the malware. Anti-spyware software works the same way as anti-virus software; it scans the computer for known malware. Following the scan, the software presents the user with scan results and provides options for dealing with potential problem programs.

Fortunately for computer users, many companies provide free versions of their anti-spyware software. These free scanners can provide effective Trojan spyware removal. Some companies that specialize in computer security provide subscription-based software products.

Microsoft&reg Windows&trade users can also check their computers for malware and manually remove them. In the Add/Remove Programs section of Windows&trade, users can look for the malicious programs and uninstall them. Only experienced users, however, should attempt to manually remove these programs.

The best way to remove Trojan spyware and protect information is to prevent the malware from infecting the computer in the first place. Precautions include avoiding suspicious links when browsing the Internet and not opening email from unknown sources, especially email with attachments. Users should also look for anti-spyware software that includes a spyware blocker to keep these malicious programs from infecting their computer.

When dealing with Trojan spyware removal, it’s best to keep in mind these additional tips. If a user suspects that he has an infected computer, he should unplug his computer from the Internet. Unplugging the computer will stop the malware from broadcasting any stolen personal information and will prevent additional infestations. Anti-spyware programs typically specialize in finding certain types of malware, so using more than one anti-spyware application is helpful. Users should also be careful when installing anti-spyware software, as some malware will pretend to be Trojan spyware removal tools.