What are the Best Types of File Recovery Software?

There is a wide range of file recovery software available which can save your data if you accidentally delete a file or if your disk is damaged. The basic principles of operation are the same, but there are some features which do not appear in all packages. This means you need to consider which options are important to you and then choose the right package at the best price.

One area to look at is which types of files the software works with. Not all programs can cope with e-mails stored on your machine. You will also need to decide if you need a program which can cope with files stored across a network. You should also check to see how each program deals with files stored in a compressed format such as ZIP or RAR.

Not all file recovery software is compatible with all types of drives. Some do not work with a newer type of hard drive known as Serial ATA, or simply SATA. You will also need to make sure you choose a suitable package if you want to be able to recover files from external hard drives or removable media such as USB sticks or DVDs.

There are also more subjective points to look into. These include general usability, the quality of help systems, and how easy the software is to install and get up and running. You should also look at the quality of added features such as the ability to search through damaged files in the event that you need to prioritize the recovery of a particular file or folder.

When reading reviews of file recovery software, pay close attention to the source so that you can assess how objective it is. Look for well-established sources such as mainstream computer magazines or respected websites. Some website reviews are simply promotional tools for the manufacturers of the software concerned. Others are written by people who earn commission from sales of the product. As a safeguard, look particularly for reviews which cover a variety of products made by different software companies.

When you come to buy file recovery software, be sure to check exactly how the pricing works. A package which looks cheaper may be a false economy because the price is actually an annual fee rather than an outright purchase. If you have more than one computer, look carefully at licensing options to see if you are covered. When buying from a major firm based overseas, check to see if it has a sales site in your own country. Some companies used fixed exchange rates when overseas clients buy from their main site, which can make a product much more expensive or much cheaper than buying from their own country, depending on currency rate fluctuations.