What are the Different Types of Camera Supplies?

For many people, especially novice photographers, a camera is fairly basic. The only camera supplies that they generally consider important enough to purchase are flashes, film, and memory cards. There are, however, many other supplies that usually should be considered. Some are for the benefit of the camera and some are for the benefit of the images it will produce. These include a carrying case, lenses, and a tripod.

Two camera supplies that usually are important for the benefit of the camera are a carrying case and a lens cap. A carrying case can be essential in protecting the camera against damage if it is dropped or if it is carelessly stored. It also can protect the camera from harmful items such as moisture and sand.

A lens cap normally will come with any camera that has a removable lens, or has a lens that requires the protection of a lens cap. Sometimes, however, lens caps get lost and people do not bother to replace them. This can be a big mistake because a scratched or dirty lens can distort the photographs that are being taken. Even when a person has a lens cap, she may want to consider getting lens cleaning supplies.

Lenses are camera supplies in which many people invest when they become serious about photography. There are a wide range of lenses available, and the one that a person uses can greatly affect the outcome of the photographs that are taken. Some have substantial zooming capabilities that allow them to take detailed photos of subjects that are far away. Others allow users to produce panoramic photos.

The camera supplies that are used to record the images that are captured depend upon whether a person is using a film or digital camera. Some cameras use film, which is available in various speeds that determine how sharp the image will be and how much light is needed for exposure. Digital cameras generally record the images on portable memory cards that can be removed from the camera and used with other devices, such as a computer.

A tripod is a camera stand that by definition has three legs that usually are adjustable. The tripod usually screws into a hole in the base of the camera. Tripods are used to maintain stillness when images are captured. Otherwise, the resulting photographs may display the slightest movements of the camera that occur when the shutter button is depressed.
Some cameras have a built-in flash. This is a bulb that provides light when a person needs to illuminate a scene. In many cameras, however, this is an item that must be purchased separately. In these cases, it usually connects to the top of the camera. It can be left connected even when a person does not wish to use it.