What are the Different Types of Netbook Accessories?

A netbook is a particular model of very small laptop computer that is classified as a subnotebook. Made without a built-in optical drive, the highly portable netbook has a screen that is only 7-9 inches (17.8-22.9 cm) and weighs in the range of 2-3 pounds (.9-1.4 kg). Netbook accessories are any peripherals made specifically to enhance netbook use or items to make using a netbook more convenient.

Because the netbook lacks an optical drive and has a reduced-size keyboard and hard drive, these are key areas in which users seek netbook accessories. An external optical drive is one popular netbook accessory. If one gets a notebook stand with an integrated keyboard, the keyboard problem can be easily solved and the notebook’s position can be more adjustable, or one can try out a portable keyboard that is not only foldable, but also waterproof. A mobile external hard drive is a good way to expand the available memory, and if less is needed, a USB flash drive may do the trick, providing back-up for documents.

Other peripherals that are often purchased as netbook accessories extend the computer’s use in other ways. Since the built-in mouse doesn’t give the user a lot of freedom of movement, some users get a USB or wireless mouse. External speakers can make the movie, music, or gaming experience richer. A Bluetooth adapter makes it possible to do things like transfer photos to the netbook from a camera wirelessly. If more USB ports are needed, a hub can expand what’s available. Add a mobile printer, and the netbook has turned into a portable office.

Specialized netbook accessories that are not used as widely include a video chat light to help illuminate your face for video chats in dark places. Foaming screen cleanser is another item that many will not need. For the “green” netbook owner, a solar charged emergency backup battery may be of interest, but many will likely stick with a standard power adapter.

Outside of peripherals, there are other items that can be quite important as netbook accessories. A sleeve or case can help protect the netbook in transit. Cases may be fashioned like briefcases, backpacks, purses, and messenger bags. A netbook security lock keeps the notebook attached to a desk, and adds safety for a dorm room and other locations that are semi-public or public.