What does an Interactive Design Agency do?

An interactive design agency typically works with other companies and organizations to help create interactive user interfaces and user experiences in the development of a computer software program, hardware, or website. These agencies typically specialize in human and computer interactivity and usability, and work as outside consultant groups to help develop interactive experiences for other companies. Such services can focus on various design aspects of a device or computer program, though they are often used in the development of websites for a company. An interactive design agency typically designs and implements an interactive experience for users of a product, or visitors at a website, to meet the needs of a client.

There are a number of different industries in which an interactive design agency can be utilized, though in general such agencies work as a specialized form of marketing or website design company. Many companies that develop software or hardware will hire interactive designers to ensure that the final product is easy to use and effective for the average user. Some companies, however, utilize the services of an outside company to develop and test a user interface or similar interactive feature. These outside companies are typically an interactive design agency with numerous employees who specialize in various aspects of interactive design.

An interactive design agency will also commonly work in developing and creating websites for companies as well. These websites are typically highly interactive and unique, rather than other website designs that utilize templates to create a new website similar to others that have been made before. The idea behind what an interactive design agency does is that the act of using a product or navigating a website should feel like a unique and memorable experience for a user. This is especially true for websites developed to give users a number of options and leave a lasting impression upon the user.

The employees at an interactive design agency will typically design and develop a user interface or other interactive medium for a client. This can include anything from a hardware interface that will be utilized on a new telephone to a software user interface that will be used by commercial artists. Website design is also a major part of what an interactive design agency does, usually with a focus on creating an experience a user will remember. These websites are designed and created by the programmers, artists, and interface designers at an agency, and then tested and implemented in a way that brings in Internet traffic and makes an impression on visitors to a website.