What is a Bluetooth Phone?

A Bluetooth phone is a cellular telephone with a Bluetooth transmitter and received embedded in the phone. The Bluetooth communications network is used to communicate with other devices, and is not related to the actual cell phone usage. A service plan with a telephone company is still required for the phone to work.
Bluetooth is the brand name of a communications technology designed for short range use, connecting electronic devices without the use of wires or cables. This technology was created to act as an universally accepted platform for interconnection of wireless devices.

Each Bluetooth phone must meet very specific technical criteria to be allowed to use the name. Bluetooth technology allows any device to connect to any other device, regardless of the product manufacture, or type of product.
Bluetooth phones open a gateway for computers and other devices to connect to the Internet. The Bluetooth phone can be used to create a dial-up connection to an Internet service provider. With this connection, the communication signal is sent to the computer or laptop using Bluetooth as the connection device.

Keep in mind that the internet traffic is going through a series of routers; the ISP to the cell phone via the satellite network, through to the computer via the Bluetooth connection. The connection will be slow and may cause communication issues. However, in a pinch, this configuration allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly, anywhere you have a cellular signal.

When selecting a Bluetooth phone, pay careful attention to the options provided with the phone and think about how you plan to use it. If you are an active user of text message, look at Bluetooth keyboards that can be paired with your Bluetooth phone. If you plan to access the Internet, look at the data plans to get the best value.

Learn more about Bluetooth headphones to determine what types of units are available and what might meet your needs. Hands free driving is becoming more important and a Bluetooth phone can be paired with Bluetooth headphones to deliver a high quality, secure connection.