What is a Cordless Headset?

A cordless headset has one earphone and a microphone. A base connected to a telephone line allows the phone calls to be transferred to the headset. The wearer can receive the phone call and answer without being connected to the telephone unit.

Cordless headsets are available in two styles, a band across the crown of the head, with a clip against one side of your head or a one piece earpiece unit that hooks around the ear itself and has a built in microphone. A cordless headset is a popular piece of office equipment in positions when an employee is required to be on the phone the majority of the day. The wireless design allows and increased flexibility and reduces the risk of neck strain from holding the phone handset in an awkward way.

The latest trend is for a cordless headset to include a telephone keypad with a hip holster. The telephone line from the telephone jack is plugged into the actual desktop phone. Another wire connects the module to the phone itself, utilizing a plug available on most digital phone units. The module uses radio signals to send and receive the audio over the air.

A radio frequency cordless headset unit comes with a wide range of radio channels that are available to transmit and receive the audio signal. Adjust the channel to find a clear signal that is not in use by anyone else. These units transmit in the 900 mHz range and allows a distance of up to 150 ft (50 m) from the base.

Infrared communication is another technology that can be used in a wireless headset. These units provide high quality transmission and security. A line of sight is required for this type of headset to work. Any interference causes the call to be put on hold until the connection can be reestablished.

A situation with a multiple cordless headset setup within the same area can cause call interruption and signal crossed, where callers can hear the conversations of others. Be sure to purchase a signal booster system, with a wide range of radio channels and automatic switching of channels to ensure a quality connections.

When purchasing a cordless headset, check the list of supported products to ensure that your existing phone unit is on the list. Incompatible units may work intermittently but fail to provide a quality experience. Read the warranty and return policy very carefully. Most units void their warranty if opened or exposed to water or heat.
Look at the type of battery the cordless headset has and find out the replacement costs. There is a life expectancy and limitation on the number of charges that a lithium battery will accept. Compare this feature in the different models and find one with a higher number of charges in addition to the actual usage time with each charge.