What is a Digital Shipping Scale?

A digital shipping scale is a device that weighs items to determine their actual weight for the shipping process. It can determine how much the item weighs to determine shipping costs or the proper postage for a shipping label. It is also useful when keeping personal records. A shipping scale can be practical for business use or in the home for those sending out packages small and large.

A digital shipping scale differs from an analog scale as it shows the specific weight in actual numbers as opposed to the weight being shown with a dial. Some prefer the digital scale because it can be easier to read the numbers without having to adjust the box to see the weight. In some cases, it can take the guesswork out of estimating a weight as it may be easier to determine the exact number.

When choosing a digital shipping scale, it is important to look for one that can handle the weight of the packages put on it. Some scales have a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds (45.359 kg) or less while others can handle the weight of packages 300 pounds (136.077 kg) and more. If the packages sent are frequently relatively light, a shipper should consider going with a smaller scale as the ones that can handle more weight are often more expensive.

One feature that may be of interest when choosing a digital shipping scale is one that has the ability to send the information to a printer or computer. This is useful for individuals who keep track of the packages sent out, how much they weigh, and the price to send them. High volume shippers can get a lot of use out of this feature.

In addition to a digital shipping scale showing the weight in pounds, it may also show it in other weight forms. Some scales may come with the option to show the weight in kilograms, ounces, pounds, or grams. This can be helpful for shipping packages as well as when keeping track of data.

Choosing the correct digital shipping scale can a shipper save money and allow more precise record keeping. It can help enhance the efficiency of the business as well. With all the options of the types of digital scales to purchase, there is almost certainly one that fits the needs of every buyer whether or not price is a factor.