What is a Digital Wireless Audio System?

A digital wireless audio system usually encompasses some type of digital music player that connects to speakers and other digital devices without the use of cords and wires. This type of device is usually battery operated so that it is portable, and it is often lightweight as well. The sound quality is also broadcast using digital frequencies to deliver superior clarity. Many types of digital wireless audio systems also have internal storage capacities so that a large number of songs can be saved to the device.

Most of the digital wireless audio systems available on the market are some form of a Motion Pictures Experts Group audio layer 3 (MP3) player. This device can also save music files directly to an internal hard drive in order to make the player ultra portable, and built in speakers can deliver sound with digital clarity. The technology has become so popular that many other devices incorporate these features as well. Many types of cellular phones, portable gaming systems, and tablets can function as an MP3 player. Laptops and home computers also have this capability.

One reason that consumers embrace this technology is that a digital wireless audio system is compact and easy to handle. The wireless feature allows it to be set up inside almost any room, and many automotive manufacturers are now designing vehicles that have an adaptor within the stereo system. Digital playback often sounds much better than radio station broadcasts as well, so a device that can be used almost anywhere with superior clarity has great appeal. Many digital wireless audio systems are especially popular with college students and younger generations.

Consumers also enjoy the ability to download songs directly from the Internet for a nominal fee, and a digital wireless audio system will store each selection indefinitely. If more storage space is necessary, most models have expandable ports that can implement external memory cards that work like a miniature compact disk (CD). These devices can store up to 32 gigabytes (GB) of information, which translates to around 7,000 full length songs. Music can also be uploaded and stored on a computer system to provide additional storage room, or traded freely between one digital wireless audio system and another.

The largest drawback of a digital wireless audio system is its battery life. Many of these devices can function for around 8 to 20 hours without being recharged, at which point they require several hours to fully restore the battery power. While this is not an issue for many consumers, some feel that a better option is necessary to meet the length between recharging.