What is a Hard Drive Warranty?

A hard drive warranty is a contract that allows the hard drive to be fixed in case it is no longer working. Hard drives are used in many different types of electronics, but hard drive warranties are usually associated with desktop computers and laptops. A warranty is honored for a specific amount of time. It is valid by the issuing company as long as the problem with the hard drive meets the terms and conditions of the warranty.

If the hard drive has a minor problem, the warranty company will often help the owner to fix the problem by giving step-by-step directions on the telephone. If the hard drive completely fails and has to be serviced under the hard drive warranty, it often has to be shipped back to the company that built it. The warranty company may have to keep the computer for a couple of days or weeks to determine and correct the issue.

The company will fix the hard drive under the terms of the warranty but will not guarantee to retrieve the data that is being stored on it. Most people place the hard drive’s data on another drive as well in the case that the hard drive breaks. Some people choose to have an additional external hard drive to back up their computer files. Files can also be backed to a jump drive or Internet storage website.

Most computer companies offer a one-year hard drive warranty when the computer or laptop is bought new. The company may also have extended warranties that can be added for an additional fee. Extended warranties last for three to five years. Retails stores also offer warranties for hard drives and other computer parts. A retail store may be a good warranty choice because the hard drive can often be serviced on site at the store.

It is important to read and understand all the terms and conditions of a hard drive warranty. The warranty could be void if the hard drive is ever replaced or the computer’s hard case is opened. People often open computers to load extra parts, but doing this could be breaching the agreement of the warranty.

A hard drive warranty is a good idea when purchasing any computer, but especially a laptop. It is difficult to replace hard drives for a laptop because the parts are put together in such a small space. Since laptops are often carried from place to place, their parts break more often than a desktop computer.