What is a Keyword Tracker?

Keyword trackers are software programs that are used to analyze text accessible through various search engines and networks. Sometimes known as a keyword finder, the tracking software helps to identify keywords and keyword phrases that help to enhance the rankings of different web pages on the various search engines. Knowing which keywords are most popular with Internet users makes it possible to incorporate relevant text into the web pages and thus appear higher when searches on that keyword or keyword phrase are conducted.

The keyword tracker is an invaluable tool when it comes to the process of search engine optimization, or SEO. When an individual or company creates text for use on web pages, using the tool to test keyword popularity, as well as identify alternative forms of the keyword, makes it easier to include phrases that people commonly use when conducting a search using a particular search engine. Some of these tracker keyword software packages are capable of analyzing the ranking on more than one search engine. When that is the case, it is possible to identify and make use of keywords that help to ensure higher ranking on many different engines.

Along with using the keyword tracker to identify keywords and phrases that are likely to be useful in writing copy, the tool can also be used to test a word or phrase that the end user thinks may help the site to rank higher on search engine results. By simply entering the word into the tracker and initiating a search, the program returns the current ranking for that word, usually based on either the current day’s search activity, or over the last month. Many keyword tracker programs will go on to provide a list of variations of that word or phrase, providing the user with more inspiration for the copy.

From this perspective, businesses often view a reliable keyword tracker as an important sales and marketing tool. By identifying and using keywords and phrases that are relevant to the subject matter of the goods and services offered, the business increases the chances of connecting with new customers via Internet searches. This translates into the potential for more sales, and greater profits for the business in the long run.

While there are a number of keyword tracker programs that are fee-based, several excellent free software packages are found online. For general use, the free versions work very well. For more intensive research into keyword optimization options, the fee-based products are likely to provide more detail in the analysis. This can be important, especially if the business is attempting to market their products to a particular niche market.