What is a Micro Professional Projector?

A micro professional projector is a projector that is so small it can be easily transported in a pocket, or fit into a person’s hand. These projectors offer the ultimate in portability, but they may also give up something in the way of resolution. Typically, a micro professional projector, also known as a pico projector, may be used for a presentation in front of a small group of people. In addition to the size advantage, this type of projector typically costs much less than a full-size projector.

Most micro professional projector models connect to a computer through something like a USB port. In some cases, these projectors may connect to a DVD player or similar visual device. Not all will connect easily to computers, so if that is a planned use for the projector, the connectivity should be clearly understood before proceeding with the purchase.

The dimensions of the micro professional projector, also sometimes called a pocket projector, vary by model. Typically, the units are less than 5 inches (12.7 cm) by 3 inches (approximately 7.6 cm). The weight can vary slightly between models as well, but typically the units weigh less than 6 ounces (170 grams). These dimensions make the unit very easy to carry for nearly anyone.

The technology behind most micro professional projector models is standard to that of larger units. It is a technology known as digital light processing (DLP). The DLP technology works through a series of tiny mirrors and color wheels that help produce an image that is recognizable to the human eye. Some projectors may also use a newer laser technology to display an image.

Though these small digital projector units have created a buzz and a following, especially among those who enjoy exploring the capabilities of newer technologies, the size is a limiting factor. It limits the resolution of the projectors, most of which display at a resolution of 640×480 or less, and it limits the brightness and contrast. This is one reason why the projectors are typically only used for small-group presentations without video. Typically, a maximum effective projection size with these units is 60 inches (152.4 cm) or less measured diagonally.

The cost of the projector is determined by several factors, including the size, display technology and connections available. As might be expected, the newer models with the best features tend to cost more. The projectors are sold at many traditional retailers as well as online.