What is a Travel Keyboard?

A travel keyboard is an accessory that attaches to the laptop through the USB cable. This keyboard maintains the familiar comfort of a traditional keyboard, and it has the accessibility of a portable computer for maximum work efficiency. Laptop computers offer all the benefits of a desktop computer, but with the convenience of mobility. However, some people do not like the feel of the laptop keyboard, so an alternative, the travel keyboard, is available.

When purchasing a travel keyboard, the size of the board and distance between the keys should be a buyer’s top considerations. Size and distance between the keys are especially important if a large amount of money is invested in a higher-end keyboard. Check for comfort and fluidity of the typing experience.

Travel keyboards come in different sizes and travel options. Some are smaller than a traditional keyboard, and they have smaller keys. A travel keyboard is one of the most popular travel accessories for computers because it folds up to make it more compact for traveling and storage. The disadvantage of these types of keyboards is that they often are not very sturdy, having a wobbly surface when used. Travel keyboards are also inconvenient for those with larger fingers.

Other travel keyboards come in full-size models, with standard keys. They may have up to 99 keys, so only a few keys from the standard 104-key desktop keyboard are omitted. This style of a travel keyboard does not fold, and it doesn’t have the issue of a wobbly or unstable surface. It is still compact enough to fit in many laptop bags, and some come with their own traveling case.

There are unique features to different types of travel keyboards. Some come with bright and backlighted keys. These keys offer ease of use even in the dark and for playing games. The keyboard may be thicker, with a small prop or it may be very thin and lay flat on the table. Some keyboards are compatible with both a PC and Mac system, while others will only work with one or the other. There are a wide variety of keyboards to choose from, from transparent to smooth black designs to fit in with the user’s preference of décor.