What is a Wireless Headset?

A wireless headset is simply a headset that is not directly tethered to the original device, such as the television, computer, cell phone, gaming console or laptop. Wireless headsets allow the user more freedom to move around and relax. In some cases, it is required by law to use hands-free headsets with cell phones while driving.
Wireless headsets can be just headphones, but the term “headset” more commonly refers to a headphone and microphone combination. These devices connect wirelessly via infrared technology or Bluetooth. Infrared is becoming less popular because it requires the user to maintain a constant line of sight — Bluetooth simply requires the user to be within a certain distance.

A wireless headset is frequently used by people who work from home or work with people in different offices in various parts of the world. The headset can connect to the desktop computer or laptop, and then be used with Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to freely communicate during internet conferences. This saves businesses money and improves efficiency of communication.

Another popular use for a wireless headset is gaming. For collaborative or multi-player online gaming, a wireless headset allows gamers to strategize and communicate more freely than when typing. Cordless headsets are also convenient when used with gaming consoles — this allows the user to sit further back from the television.

Using a hands-free headset with a cell phone while driving is becoming the law in many areas. It does not necessarily have to be a wireless headset, but these are becoming more prevalent. Many of these headsets allow the user to accept or reject calls without picking up the phone, and some are compatible with voice dialing as well. Some wireless headsets attach directly to the cell phone when not in use.

A wireless headset might also have noise-canceling abilities. This means that the headphones will filter out most background noise, allowing you to focus on your conversation, game or music. If you are using the wireless headset to talk on your cell phone, the headset might have noise cancellation in the microphone to block out the sounds of wind or other noises while you are talking.