What is an FM Wireless Audio Transmitter?

An FM wireless audio transmitter is used to carry sound between an audio device and a nearby radio receiver. FM specifically refers to frequency modulation, which is a unique form of sound transmission where audio strength can be altered to accommodate varying frequencies even when signals are low. An FM wireless audio transmitter is wirelessly connected to a separate device in order to broadcast sound through wireless headphones or other speakers.

With the rising popularity of personal audio devices, such as MP3 players, laptop computers and hand-held gaming devices, people are more apt to use an FM wireless audio transmitter as a listening component. Transmitters can be used in cars or with home stereo systems, which enable listeners to enjoy audio that is stored on personal audio devices through car speakers while driving or while relaxing at home. By simply placing an FM wireless audio transmitter within a specified distance of a radio device and tuning the FM transmitter to an open frequency, individuals are able to listen to audio without needing to install or use additional wiring.

The distance range between an FM wireless audio transmitter and an audio device may vary. Some models require a maximum distance of 30 feet (about 9 m), while others may exceed 150 feet (about 46 m). Some also allow multiple channels over which FM frequencies can be transmitted.

While commonly used to transmit audio from music devices, an FM wireless audio transmitter may also be used to broadcast sound from a television. In fact, most any late model audio device that features audio outputs or headphone jacks can be coupled with an FM wireless audio device. Most are battery operated and some even feature an adjustable antenna for optimal reception.

Other non-commercial uses for this technology include translation headphones for people listening to a lecture in another language and assisted listening devices for the hearing impaired. Devices of this type may be portable and carried by the listener or may be permanently installed at a location. When used by hearing impaired individuals, most devices can be used either with a hearing aid or without one.

Another purpose for which an FM wireless audio transmitter is useful is in medical technology. Specifically, some medical laboratories and teaching facilities use an FM transmitter for activities such as sending and receiving sounds made by the heart. With this technology, researchers are able to listen to heart sounds not easily heard through other audio means. Such is particularly useful when training students to listen for heart murmurs and other sounds that a distressed heart may make.