What is an LED Curtain?

An LED curtain is a type of decorative lighting that can be used to create lighting effects or to provide ambient lighting. This type of lighting can be made in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and is often themed for specific holidays. One of the most desirable features of an LED curtain is that it is easy to set up and take down when compared to hanging a large number of LEDs in single strands. The effect created by the lights depends on the colors and design, but is often compared to a waterfall or stars. Most of the time, the only practical concern with this type of lighting is electricity, as these lights are designed in a way that fires are unlikely.

The most basic type of LED curtain is a set of vertically hanging strings of LEDs attached to some type of flexible runner at the top. Each string is independent, sometimes allowing users to pass through the curtain, although this is dangerous for the curtain and may result in damage. In more complex designs, the LEDs may be arranged in a net of lights instead of strings, which results in a different amount of space between lights. One additional problem with strings of lights is that they may tangle, which can be difficult to remedy.

Like other types of LED lighting, an LED curtain can be made to change color, flash, or perform other basic electrical tricks. For instance, it is possible to put this type of lighting on a timer or program the lights to create specific images. Depending on how dense the lighting is, it is sometimes even possible to program the lights to display words. These functions, however, are usually available only on higher-end fixtures.

In many cultures, lighting is a major decoration for a wide variety of holidays. As such, there are lights designed for many different holidays, although Christmas and New Year’s Eve are very popular themes. Also, these lights sometimes use specially shaped covers to emphasize the theme. For instance, heart covers over each light can be excellent for Valentine’s Day, while eggs might be better for Easter.

Unlike other curtains, an LED curtain is often placed against a wall or other flat area rather than over an opening. Its purpose is purely decorative, and it is almost never used to separate an area or cover a window. The use of the word curtain can be misleading, but it refers to the basic concept of this lighting fixture, not the purpose it serves. In fact, many short strings of lights used for decoration can be considered an LED curtain as well. When choosing an LED curtain, the important thing to look at is the finished effect of the lighting, not the description on the box.