What is Content Management Software?

Content management software (CMS), is a computer program designed to manage web content, especially text, photos and perhaps some multimedia files as well. Most people have experienced the software at least to some degree, though they may not have even been aware of it. Perhaps the most common way to use content management software is through social networking sites. However, this is not the only site where CMS plays a key role.

Content management software can also be used to help enter blogs and other information into a computer. The software is a benefit simply because it helps save time and even those with limited HTML skills should be able to use it effectively. Therefore, many companies who use the internet regularly may develop their own type of content management software that suits their purposes. This also helps save money as it cuts down on HTML training and the time it would take to build a web site from scratch.

Those who find they need to use content management system software will often provide it free on their network or over the internet. The training that goes along with the software is minimal and the product is mainly intuitive. Most of those with just a limited amount of computer experience should be able to pick it up fairly quickly.

One of the biggest criticisms of content management software is that it stifles creativity and makes too many sites look the same. While this may be true, this is no different than what any other web template may do. Therefore, this tendency to streamline production at the stake of individuality is nothing new. In fact, it has been done for years.

Content management software does have some limitations, however. First, advanced HTML programming may not be allowed in all cases. Therefore, much of the site remains a basic layout. Second, some of the content management fields may be too limiting, in the number of characters, for the message that is trying to be conveyed.

While content management software is not free, it is usually available for free use over the Internet from companies that would like you to add content to their site. Both sides often benefit from this arrangement. It helps the author of the material get their message out. It helps the content manager, or the content manager’s company, get more material on their site to which advertisers can then attach their ads, thus increasing revenue.