What is Home Inspection Software?

Home inspection software is a software package designed for use by professionals who are responsible for making safety inspections of private residences. In most cases, the software package will be customizable, making it possible to adapt the fields to meet local standards and regulations. Use of this type of software can help streamline the process of inspecting and preparing reports, since the data is entered directly into the fields and then sorted using one of several report formats.

One of the more time-consuming tasks of any building inspection is manually checking off the items that are inspected, then using the hard copy documents to compile an organized report of the inspection. By using home inspection software, all the data can be entered using page templates featuring fields that are relevant to each portion of the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, generating a report requires nothing more than selecting the desired format, reviewing the document, and then printing it out or emailing an electric copy to the owner and the jurisdiction or entity that ordered the inspection.

While home inspection software packages will vary somewhat to reflect local standards, there are a few features that tend to be found in just about every package of this type. A basic home inspection checklist is a key element in most designs, making it easy for inspectors to quickly check off and grade each line item. Many designs make it possible for the inspector to click on an icon associated with each line item to add notes or other data relevant to that item.

It is also not unusual for home inspection software to include a number of basic report templates that can also serve as the basis for a customized home inspection report. The ability to create special reports as well as make use of the basic formats is especially helpful, since a more simplistic report can be generated for the homeowner and a more comprehensive report submitted to the local jurisdiction. A report for the homeowner will normally spotlight any issues that need to be resolved before the next inspection, while the more detailed report includes data on every aspect of the inspection.

Because inspections are crucial to making sure residences are safer for human occupation, it is important to make the record keeping as efficient as possible. By employing home inspection software, the inspector is able to focus mainly on competently evaluating the condition of the property and not about keeping up with piles of paperwork or carving out time to prepare reports. From this perspective, the use of home inspection software is to the advantage of both the homeowner and the inspector.