What is House Design Software?

House design software creates both a blueprint and plans for the house along with a 3-D model for further design and planning. This computer software incorporates elements of architecture and interior design and allows the user to create a complete model of a house on his computer complete with the necessary blueprints for building the structure. This software is available both for professionals and for those simply interested in house design.

The software typically has two basic modes, though many other features are often available as well. The first mode renders a 3-D model of the house in color and typically scaled to size. If the software is detailed enough, the user can also change the surrounding landscape. The house design software then allows the user to alter the color, materials, and design of every aspect of the outside and inside of the home.

For the various rooms in the house, the user can zoom in and concentrate on that specific area. He can install furniture, changing the color and material just as he did on the outside of the house, and add or destroy walls. Different fabrics and floor patterns are also available to see what works best in the room.

After the design is finished, a second mode displays the 2-D layout of the home. Like CAD software which is popular among architects for designing layouts, the house design software can create exact measurements and specifications for the plans. It also indicates which materials to use when building. The software may be programmed to warn the user when a change he is making would not be possible in real life, such as removing a supporting wall in a room.

Several advantages exist with house design software. Architects and builders will enjoy the ease with which they can create the layout of the house and changes without altering anything in real life. This saves an enormous amount of time and money. An interior designer can use the software for the same reasons. She will also be interested in the design aspects that allow her to pick colors and placement of furniture after she has decided on the layout of the house.

This software may be used on a new project to design a house from the ground up or an existing project. The current house can be created in the house design software and then altered. This allows homeowners and workers to experiment with possible remodeling choices and see which are the best. Not only will the homeowner have an idea of what the finished project will look like before construction starts, he can also see what the cheapest and quickest way to complete the project is.