What is Landscape Design Software?

Landscape design software is software that allows users to plan and create visual representations of landscapes on their computers. The software can be used by anyone from professional contractors with commercial projects to new homeowners who want to make simple changes to their backyards. Regardless of the scope of the project, landscape design software can help users visualize new or modified landscapes after just a few clicks.

Landscapes often contain greenery. Good landscape design software comes prepackaged to accommodate the user who is concerned with his greenery during landscape changes. In addition to plant encyclopedias, plant growth simulations and plant scaling options, landscape design software can also include hardiness zone maps to help a homeowner plan for the future of his garden. For those who are unsure about their landscaping plans, but want to keep the option of a garden open, landscape design software can provide templates to zone possible gardening areas.

Of course, a landscape is more than just greenery and gardens. Homeowners who use landscape design software may also want to visualize how their home areas will look with typical landscape accessories. Users like these may appreciate how landscape design software can add virtual sheds, gazebos, trellises, driveways, sidewalks, ramps, stairs, railings, walls and outdoor furniture to their plans. The software can usually anticipate a homeowner’s desired additions and may even include options like Jacuzzis or hot tubs.

Since landscape designs are often closely tied to pool designs, many software packages include the ability to design pool features along with landscape features. It is not uncommon to find pool and pond designing options bundled into landscape design software. In addition, other related designing, like patio, deck and fence designing, may be represented in the software. These designing options help users fully realize their vision by not leaving out popular landscape additions.

When a landscape design is finished, users may be able to turn their 2D projections into 3D renderings. Users may be offered the ability to virtually walk through their new designs and assess them on their eye-level. If a user is unsatisfied with his project design, he can return to the project and make modifications until his desired landscape is realized. When a user has created the perfect landscape, he can then save the landscape, print it out, get project cost estimations and even print out shopping lists so that he can begin his project.