What is Online Traffic School?

An online traffic school offers driving safety courses over the Internet. Often, drivers can get tickets for traffic violations reduced or dismissed if they take an approved driving course. Passing a course at an online traffic school may also help a driver remove points from his driving record or lower his insurance premium. Online traffic school can also be used to prepare new drivers for their exams and helped seasoned drivers to brush up on driving laws and safety precautions. Different states have different laws regarding fine reductions, so it is important to check with the local department of motor vehicles (DMV).

Courses at an online traffic school are typically multiple choice and open-book. Open-book means that the user does not have to rely on memory and is instead allowed to refer to learning materials while answer test questions. The tests usually focus on several aspects of safe driving, including driving under adverse weather conditions, driving under the influence, parking safely, and the significance of different road signs.

An online traffic school typically charges a fee of between twenty and thirty US Dollars. The course usually saves the driver money in the long run in terms of moving violation fines, points on driving records, and insurance premiums. Drivers often prefer to attend an online traffic school instead of going to a walk-in safety course because online courses can be completed from a home computer. This is particularly helpful for those with disabilities, daytime jobs, or teens who have school during the day.

States often require a certain time requirement for instruction periods, both in classroom courses and in online courses. An online course usually takes a day to complete, but it can be done in installments. For example, a student can complete a half hour of the course, save her work, and come back to it the next day. The student must make sure to meet the deadline imposed by the court.

In states that allow it, passing the exam at the online traffic school may remove the conviction and points from a driver’s record. When a driver is cited for a traffic violation, he is not only fined, but his driving record is damaged. Depending on the state and the violation, a driver may get a certain amount of points attached to his driving record. If these points build up, the driver will have to pay more for driver’s insurance and risk the possibility of having his license suspended or revoked. Paying the fees to reinstate the license may also be expensive.

A driver aiming to get a ticket dismissed or clean his driving record should make sure that the state allows online traffic school as an alternative to fines and points. The driver should also check with the local DMV to see which schools are approved in that state. It is possible to call the DMV or go to the state DMV website for such information.